My name is Tyronne Pruitt and I am a Miami-based sports & lifestyle blogger. I was born and raised in Boston, MA and moved to Miami, FL in 2011. I played linebacker at Boston College and I am a proud graduate with a Bachelors in Communication and Minor in General Education. I went on to pursue a professional football career and had a cup of coffee in the NFL & CFL respectively. I enjoy watching the NFL and European soccer and consider myself an unbiased critic in the world of sports; or so my friends and family like to tell me. In addition, my favorite hobby is watching movies and TV shows on HBO and Showtime specifically. I am somewhat of a sneaker head and am constantly building my collection. I love fashion, hip-hop music and working out. I tend to be quite blunt and I enjoy engaging in debates and arguments on just about any topic. I am married to Brittany Michèle of BisousBrittany.com, who is the ornament on the top of my Christmas tree. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I encourage you to engage in any and all topics I discuss on The Unapologetic Gent.